Enviro Tech has been working with customers in the aerospace industry for more than 20 years. Our specialists are more than just familiar with aerospace cleaning products; we are experts in their chemical makeup and manufacture. In addition to our high-quality aerospace cleaning products, we offer a full suite of services and amenities that our clients have come to know, trust and depend on. If you need a convenient, comprehensive solution that meets your unique needs and specifications, count on the professionals at Enviro Tech.

EnSolv®-5408 Aerospace Solvent

This product is a Boeing-approved, stabilized n-propyl bromide-based solvent for the replacement of trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene and 1,1,1-trichloroethane in aerospace vapor degreasing.

EnSolv-5408 is listed as an approved material on Boeing’s commercial PSD 6-62 specification for use under BAC 5408 as well as Boeing military spec PS 12020 Rev Y. In addition, EnSolv-5408 has been approved by other major aerospace organizations, such as Bell Helicopter, Bombardier and many others.

EnSolv-5408 is a patented, azeotropic mixture that can be distilled and reused through numerous cycles before it needs to be replaced. Although Enviro Tech offers stabilizer booster in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums, the synergistic action of EnSolv-5408’s patented stabilizer package typically precludes the need to ever add stabilizers to maintain the integrity of the solvent through normal use.

EnSolv-5408 is the only Boeing-approved nPB solvent for vapor degreasing with a maximum boiling temperature above 160˚ F (max. boiling temp of 165˚ F). This higher limit provides an additional level of security, ensuring that the solvent in the vapor degreasing boil sump will never exceed the maximum temperature allowed in the spec due to the buildup of oils and contaminants.

NEXT 3000 Brand Fluorinated Solvent

This nonflammable, high-trans fluorinated blend is formulated to meet a wide range of precision cleaning needs. NEXT 3000 is perfectly suited for vapor degreasing in existing equipment, cold wiping applications, oxygen cleaning and many other functions. It can also be used as a carrier fluid for deposition of materials such as silicone and other lubricants.