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NEXT 5408: Our Fluorinated Boeing BAC5408 Approved Solvent

NEXT 5408: Our Fluorinated Boeing BAC5408 Approved Solvent

NEXT 5408 is an ASTM D2942 aerospace cleaner that is listed as an approved material on Boeing’s commercial PSD 6-77 specification for use under BAC 5408.

Nonflammable And Fast-Drying Solvents For Cleaning Engines

There’s no such thing as a foolproof engine. Even cleaning one can be hazardous if not handled with extreme care. Fortunately, you have options for nonflammable solvents and fast-drying solvents that can significantly reduce the chance of injury.

How Today’s Environmental Concerns Impact Cleaning with Solvents

In a single generation, the industrialized world has gone from relative environmental indifference to a protector of natural resources. Not only have consumer minds changed dramatically in the last few years, but new regulations are reflecting those concerns.

Keep Your Castings Spotless With Vapor Degreasing

Porosity sealing is a critical step in parts manufacturing. Porosity refers to any void or hole that forms in the metal during the casting process. A small amount of porosity is almost always present in castings due to various conditions that occur as metal is injected or cooled. Excess porosity can affect a part’s structural integrity and make the part more susceptible to corrosion. In parts intended to hold pressure — such as valves, pumps and compressors — porosity can also create leak paths and render the part unusable.

How To Effectively Clean Your Machine Parts With Vapor Degreasing

Precision parts manufacturing demands effective materials selection, minute attention to design details, precise tools and machines, and highly skilled labor. But even a microscopic speck or smudge of grease, oil or dirt on a part can render all of the above useless. For precision parts to fit together to the correct tolerances and for welds to hold, parts must be impeccably cleaned and free of all traces of contamination. Yet, operational efficiency also must be considered. The ideal cleaning system for parts will be both effective and economical.

Comparing Vapor Degreasing And aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning

Are you looking to acquire or replace a parts cleaning system? If so, you may find yourself comparing aqueous ultrasonic cleaning versus vapor degreasing equipment — and wondering which type of cleaning system is best suited for your needs.

How To Flush Refrigerant Lines Using EnSolv® NEXT Solvent

Environmental concerns are a driving factor in industry these days, resulting in phase-outs as older materials and systems are replaced with ones that are more environmentally benign. In line with this trend, the refrigerant R-22, which itself was an improvement over earlier refrigerants, is currently being phased out and replaced with R-410a and other alternatives.

Enviro Tech International; an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Enviro Tech International; an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Enviro Tech International is proud to share the news of its latest ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The Quick-Start Guide to Vapor Degreasing

Industries across the board are investing in lean operations. General machine maintenance, especially degreasing, is crucial to smooth operations, and it doesn’t have to take an enormous amount of time. Vapor degreasing is becoming increasingly popular as an efficient, effective solution.

Vapor Degreasing As A Cost-Effective Cleaning Method

When selecting a parts cleaning method, facility managers must keep many factors in mind. One of the most pressing things to consider is the environmental impact of the method chosen, and the need to remain compliant with environmental protection regulations. However, cost containment is also always an essential consideration when selecting any industrial process.