Corona Virus Statement

Enviro Tech has taken a proactive approach to the corona virus issue in order to ensure that our supply of products should not be effected during the global crisis.

First, the majority of compounds used in our products are produced in the United States. US suppliers have so far ensured that domestic production of those products should not be effected. Still, we have increased inventory of these products and finished product to the extent we believe enables ETI weather the immediate crisis.

Next, we have also purchased additional quantities of the small number of Chinese sourced products we use which will ensure availability well into the 3rd quarter. Additionally, we have found domestic secondary sources for these compounds and have established relationships with those domestic suppliers. As we go forward after the crisis has abated, it is likely that we will phase in the domestically produced products and rely less on Chinese sourced material.

Finally, our current suppliers of EU sourced material have not been effective to date and suppliers are confident that the products will be available, although lead times may increase. However, since this issue is still growing globally, we have added to our inventory of all EU sourced compounds necessary to manufacture our products and have established relationships with domestic suppliers for those few compounds we purchase from EU sources.

Our main concern today is that some of the domestically sourced supplies may come at a higher cost. We do not anticipate a price increase in our products at this time and we will keep all of our customers aware of availability and price issues if they do arise.

Unfortunately, current events are obviously beyond anyone’s control and the situation may change negatively at any time. We will continue to act proactively as circumstances change throughout this crisis. We will be in contact with all of customers should the situation change.

Enviro Tech International, Inc.