EnSolv Ionic: The Ideal Solution for Cleaning Electronic Assemblies

Precision cleaning of electronic assemblies has always been a challenge. Often times, the substrates used and the soils that need to be removed are different than those found when cleaning general metal parts, so the “one size fits all” approach that some chemical suppliers take does not work. For example the substrates can include some plastics and typical soils can range from fingerprints to no clean flux residues and raw solder paste to uncured surface mount adhesives. Also, the required level of cleanliness is often higher for electronic assemblies.

Many electronic components today are cleaned in hazardous or flammable solvents like TCE or IPA in vapor degreasing, ultrasonic immersion, or manual cleaning applications. Users of TCE and IPA are constantly searching for a less hazardous, non-flammable solution. The answer is here –EnSolv-Ionic!

Envirotech developed EnSolv-Ionic to be the ideal replacement for TCE and IPA for cleaning electronic components. Non-flammable and non-hazardous, EnSolv-Ionic can remove most rosin fluxes, no clean fluxes, oils, greases, adhesive residues and wax residues and more. EnSolv-Ionic is easy to use and already has an established record of success in cleaning electronic components.

For more information on EnSolv-Ionic call the experienced team at Envirotech. We can process some test parts for you, send you a sample, or just help you to make the switch. We are always ready to help!