EnSolv NEXT: The Environmentally Friendly Alternative

ODP stands for Ozone Depletion Potential.

Products with a high ODP (e.g., exhaust fumes, aerosol chemicals, etc.) are at the root of global warming – an evolving problem we take very seriously at Enviro Tech International.

Therefore, we – as an industry-leading supplier of industrial cleaning applications – have taken every possible measure to minimize our global impact. Because ultimately, we don’t want our effort to have any negative impact whatsoever. By investing in EnSolv NEXT & NEXT 3000 fluorinated solvents, Enviro Tech has taken a step in the right direction.

Unlike older products of the same nature, EnSolv NEXT has absolutely no Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), which makes its impact on global warming virtually nonexistent. EnSolv NEXT is also:

· Non-flammable

· Non-explosive

· Safer for employees

Our NEXT line of solvents are equally as effective for precision cleaning in high-tech industries such as aerospace, aviation and healthcare, so, naturally, we’re excited to carry it. Use it to clean:

· Adhesives

· Fluxes

· Pastes

· Buffing compounds

· Greases

· Silicone oils

· Particulate

· Resins

· Waxes

· and much, much more!

For more information on EnSolv NEXT, the low-cost , non-flammable, non-explosive, safer alternative to HCFC-225 (AK-225), call the pros at Enviro Tech. We’re always happy to talk about fluorinated solvents and industrial cleaning solventsit’s what we do!