Enviro Tech Addresses Knock off EnSolv® in Asia

To All Valued EnSolv® Customers:

Thank you for choosing EnSolv® solvent for your vapor degreasing needs, and also for choosing Enviro Tech International, Inc. (“ETI”) as your preferred solvent manufacturer along with our partner, Best Chemical Co (S) Pte Ltd (“Best”), as your value-added distributor. We understand the global market is very competitive, and our EnSolv® product is a superior choice because of its consistency, stability, and outstanding cleaning performance. We will continue to do whatever we can to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our products and support.

A company named Asia Virescent Solutions Inc. (“AVS”, apparently headed by Edward A. Bassett) is now offering a competing product. I would like to point out:

1) ETI makes all genuine EnSolv® products in its plant in Melrose Park, IL, USA, under strict quality-control standards.

2) ETI, Best, and Best’s subsidiaries (which do not include AVS) are the only authorized retailers of genuine EnSolv® product in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

3) Neither AVS nor Mr. Bassett has any current business relationship with ETI. Mr. Bassett previously worked for an ETI distributor, Enviro Tech (Asia) Int’l Trading, but ETI terminated that distribution relationship on August 15, 2011. Since then, neither AVS nor Mr. Bassett has had access to genuine EnSolv® product.

4) Neither you nor I know what is in the competing product that AVS is selling, or what (if any) quality control standards AVS used when making that product.

5) AVS alleges its product is “exactly the same” as the EnSolv® product, and alleges it obtained a Philippines patent on its product. Under Philippines law, it is unlawful for one to patent a product that he/she did not invent, and impossible to obtain a valid patent on a product that is the same as a product previously sold by others. Accordingly, it would have been unlawful for Mr. Bassett or AVS to apply for a patent on the EnSolv® product, and any such patent would not impede your ability to use the EnSolv® product you purchase from ETI, Best, or Best’s subsidiaries.

Please contact us if you have any questions.