Enviro Tech - Pioneers of the nPB Solvent Industry!

Enviro Tech International is a small company that has become a worldwide provider of industrial cleaning solvents. Enviro Tech has become the top supplier of n-propyl bromide solvents since creating the first formula back in 1994. N-Propyl Bromide solvents are non-ozone depleting industrial solvents that reduce the amount of hazardous and toxic chemicals. As the pioneers of these eco-friendly solvents, Enviro Tech continues to provide the best quality cleaning solvents for a variety of industries. Whether you are cleaning aircraft equipment to degreasing electronic switchboards, we can provide cleaning solvents that will get the job done.

Enviro Tech offers a full line of nPB solvents, chlorinated solvents and dry cleaning solvents. One of Enviro Tech’s most popular products includes EnSolv, which is a n-propyl bromide based formula used for the following applications:

· Vapor Degreasing

· Ultrasonic Cleaning

· Asphalt Extractions

· Oxygen Cleaning

· Any many more applications

In addition to EnSolv, Enviro Tech also produces an alternative dry cleaning solution called DrySolv. This solvent is based on n-propyl bromide and it produces the most effective and fastest cleaning results of all available solvent options. If you have not yet jumped on the n-propyl bromide train, we still do offer a full line of chlorinated solvents available for industrial cleaning.

At Enviro Tech, we offer the following services:

· Toll-Blending

· International Shipping

· Warehousing and Inventory Management

· Custom Compounding and Formulating

· Spent Solvent Recycling and Waste Disposal

· Private Labeling

· Any many more services

Please visit our website to view our full product line and full line of services. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of using N-Propyl Bromide solutions for industrial cleaning, please give us a call or contact us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you!