Five Questions To Ask When Choosing The Location For A Vapor Degreaser

You’ve committed to vapor degreasing, and the efficiency of your operation is about to improve significantly. But first, you must decide where in your facility to install a vapor degreaser system. You have plenty to consider, and we’re here to help you choose the ideal spot. The following are our answers to the top five questions about choosing a vapor degreaser location.

A Quick Rundown

As you consider where to place a vapor degreaser, here’s a quick refresher on this solvent-based finishing process and why it’s a good choice. Vapor degreasers work by coating machinery parts and components in a degreasing solvent that is suspended in heated vapor. When the vapor cools, the degreasing agent — along with any grease or soil — drips down into a reservoir below, leaving the parts clean and dry. This process gets deep into the hard-to-reach crevices of manufactured parts, making it one of the most effective and efficient ways to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

These five questions should be at the top of your list as you seek an appropriate location for a vapor degreaser.

  1. How is the ventilation in my facility? This is a very important consideration because solvent vapors can be very dangerous if not properly routed. We recommend placing your vapor degreaser where you can leverage a floor draft, because most solvent vapors are heavier than air. Also be aware of any cross drafts created by air conditioners, doors, fans and other vents.
  2. Where can I best control humidity levels?
    For many, this is an afterthought. However, humidity can significantly impact the effectiveness of your vapor degreaser. Not only can water compromise the solvent, but in some blends, it can result in acidity. We recommend taking steps to enclose your vapor degreaser in a humidity-controlled area.
  3. How much space do I need?
    Don’t base your space calculation solely on the vapor degreaser equipment. We recommend factoring in additional square footage for loading and unloading as well as access for general repairs and maintenance. Make sure you’ve also left enough space for emergency shutoff equipment.
  4. Where should it be located?
    A vapor degreaser is designed to increase efficiency, so we recommend placing it as close to your work area as possible, keeping in mind restrictions related to space and safety.
  5. Am I being safe enough?
    Safety concerns are a necessary part of every manufacturing decision. Your vapor degreaser should be positioned so as not to hinder an emergency evacuation or response. We recommend consulting with your fire marshal and insurance provider to ensure you are in full compliance with safety codes.

Enviro Tech can help you determine the optimal vapor degreaser location for your facility, but that’s just the start. We also supply top-quality vapor degreaser equipment and solvents as well as unmatched industry expertise. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of vapor degreasing and find out what we can do for your manufacturing operation.