How To Optimize The Performance Of Your Vapor Degreaser

The vapor degreasing process is easily one of the most efficient ways to clean industrial parts and components. But to get the full bang for your buck, it’s important to keep your vapor degreasing equipment functioning at 100%. Below are a few tips to help you optimize vapor degreaser equipment.

Understanding the Basics

To appreciate what’s involved in keeping the system functioning in peak form, you need a basic understanding of the vapor degreasing process. In vapor degreasing, soiled components are placed in a basket and positioned directly above a boiling cleaning solvent. The solvent vapors rise and infiltrate every exposed surface of the parts, including those that are difficult to reach by other cleaning methods. Cooling coils then cause the vapor to condense and drop down into the collection sump below, carrying the contaminants with it.

While virtually any industry can find a practical use for vapor degreasers, they are most commonly utilized in heavy-duty manufacturing, including by the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries. You’ll also find this type of equipment used in electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Steps for Optimizing Your Vapor Degreasing Equipment

While regular maintenance is crucial to keep a vapor degreaser in good condition, that’s just the start. Here is a helpful checklist for ensuring your degreaser is optimized:

  • Check for leaks — As in any process that utilizes chemical cleaning solvents, you need to be sure the solvents are fully contained. Leaks can happen, and they’ll cost you over the long term if not promptly remedied. The more common areas for leaks to develop are around welds and canister bolts. Be sure to also check all pumps and lines, as well as the water/solvent separator.
  • Keep an eye on heating and cooling equipment — Your equipment is only as efficient as its ability to hold a set temperature. To ensure the heating system is performing to standards, it’s helpful to compare it against an external thermometer. You also should verify that the cooling system can handle the heat generated as hot vapors condense.
  • Test and retest your controls — This step is important for both efficiency and safety. Do regular checks of all buttons, dials and touch screens to ensure that every component of your degreaser can be safely powered up and shut off.
  • Frequently recalibrate robotics — Movement robotics carry a lot of the load in certain vapor degreasers. Over time, it’s important to check that they maintain the right timing, direction, stopping mechanisms and general smoothness of motion.

At Enviro Tech, we know vapor degreasing backwards and forwards. From basic functionality to full optimization, our team knows exactly what to look for and how to help customers get the most from their equipment. We offer top-quality vapor degreasing equipment and go the extra mile to be sure you get your money’s worth.

Learn more ways to ensure your vapor degreaser is operating at full capacity, and find out what makes Enviro Tech a leader in vapor degreaser equipment and services by contacting us today.