Outsource your Vapor Degreaser Service to Maximize Cleaning Efficiency

Vapor degreasers are a critical piece of the production process for many companies. Unfortunately, there are many operators of this type of cleaning equipment that are under-educated about their operation or lack the time or manpower to service these units in a manner that will allow them to stay operating at peak performance and prevent costly production problems.

To create symmetry between the service side of vapor degreasing and the solvent side, and to better support our customers, in 2013 Enviro Tech International, Inc. (one of the largest solvent suppliers/manufacturers in North America) partnered with Power Kleen LLC (the premier vapor degreaser service company in the US). This partnership over the past year and a half has brought our customers a “single point of contact” for both service work and solvent requirements. It has also allowed our solvent customers to maximize the efficient and safe use of their vapor degreasing systems..

POWER KLEEN’S On-Site Degreaser Cleanouts/Neutralizations:

Power Kleen's trained service staff, with all permits and insurance required, will come to your facility to clean and neutralize your vapor degreaser. This process will remove any acid formations that have built up over time. Regularly scheduled cleanouts can decrease solvent consumption and will keep your equipment running efficiently.


  • Complete cleaning of all solvent & vapor-wetted surfaces with soda ash/water/surfactant solution to remove rust/oxidation/acid deposits as well as sump bottom sludge deposits.
  • Particular attention paid to condensation trough area, solvent/air interface and water separator.
  • Heaters/Cal-rods will be thoroughly cleaned to remove as much baked on deposits to eliminate/minimize hot spots that lead to heater degradation and premature failure. NOTE: It is best to remove heaters and sand-blast them, as scrubbing may not removal all baked on deposits. Unit will be rinsed with medium pressure power wash and thoroughly dried.
  • Safety thermostats will be checked, and adjusted if necessary, for proper set points and function for the particular solvent in use.
  • Machine will be checked for proper labeling which include Danger, Caution & Operating Instructions as required.
  • Written Degreaser Service Report will be submitted for your Safety/Insurance files, showing unit is in proper working order, or listing areas that require additional consideration.

EMERGENCY SERVICE: In most cases, POWER KLEEN staff can be onsite in less than 24 hours; getting you back to running production quickly.


  • PM’s- Preventive Maintenance
  • Process Evaluation
  • Exposure Monitoring


  • OSHA Lock-Out Tag-Out Permitted
  • OSHA Confined Space Permitted
  • OSHA Haz Waste Communication Permitted

Contact Mike Long at mlong@power-kleen.com or (765) 278-4149 for more information or a quote, or feel free to visit the POWER KLEEN web site at www.power-kleen.com