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Basic Industrial Cleaning — Types Of Chemical Solvents

Solvents are essential for any industrial cleaning application. There are hundreds of different types of solvent cleaners, each with its own characteristics and uses.

Before we discuss these solvent types, let’s first define what a solvent is — a substance (usually a liquid) that can be used to dissolve other materials without chemically changing them. Solvents are classified as inorganic (water is the most common example) or organic. Organic solvents contain carbon and include virtually all of the common industrial metal cleaning solutions.

Selecting The Right Metal-Cleaning Solvent

Many industries rely on metal-cleaning solvents to help ensure safety, reliability and top performance in their products. Whether you need precision cleaning solutions for aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical devices, jewelry making, metal finishing or any other industry, it is essential to choose a metal-cleaning solvent that meets your needs and your budget. Here are a few questions to help you through the selection process.

What Is The Best Way To Store Chemical Solvents?

All chemicals should be treated with respect, and solvents are no exception. In addition to implementing and enforcing proper handling procedures, it is important to store the solvents used in your workplace in a safe and organized manner. Proper chemical solvent storage safeguards human health, protects the environment, and helps prevent costly waste.

How It Works: Vapor Degreasing Explained

Vapor degreasing is a quick, economical and simple process for cleaning even the dirtiest manufactured parts — both metal and plastic — using a thermo-mechanical still and a vaporized solvent.

The Benefits Of Buying Chemicals Direct

Efficiency is the key to success in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Anywhere you can save a step or a few dollars is an opportunity to boost your efficiency. Eliminating the middleman or any redundant processes can have a substantial impact on your business’s chances for success. That’s why, when you need to buy industrial chemicals, you should take a serious look at buying those chemicals direct from the manufacturer.

Krytox Removal - NEXT 3000

Krytox Removal - NEXT 3000

Krytox 240 AC; an incredibly hardy and therefore tough to remove aerospace grade lubricant is a pain point for many in the critical cleaning industry. NEXT 3000 by Enviro Tech in lab testing has proven to be a superior cleaning solvent for cleaning Krytox lubricant.

The Advantages Of Using Fluorinated Solvents

Best Ways To Prevent Or Minimize Solvent Loss

Comparing NEXT 3000 With Similar Chemical Solvents

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