TechKleen Will Make you Happy

Industrial business owners the world over love Enviro Tech’s new product, Tech Kleen.

Why? Because it makes them happy.

Whether you conduct business in a small mechanical shop or a large, state-of-the-art aviation factory, Tech Kleen will leave you and your employees satisfied. As far as industrial cleaning solvents go, you won’t find a nPB solvent on the market that compares.

In addition to standing up to some of the most difficult messes on earth, Tech Kleen’s formula is non-chlorinated and non-hazardous. Therefore, it produces virtually no Ozone depletion while keeping our planet (and all of its factories) clean.

We think that’s pretty amazing. And so does Boeing, the multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and sells fixed-wing aircrafts, rotor crafts, rockets and satellites. That’s why Boeing approved it as a replacement for trichloroethylene and now uses it to clean everything from grease and oil to flux and mold. Boeing technicians also trust Tech Kleen to prevent rust formation.

Tech Kleen, the revolutionary, multipurpose industrial cleaning solvent makes the people at Boeing happy. You can believe it’s going to make you happy, too.