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Review by Leah F.


Fast Service, Great Products. Vapor Decrease works wonders on aerospace parts. Our Company has been looking for a product that is fast and effective. Since we have found EnSolv, we have not used any other product. Nothing else compares. It definitely has a strong odor, I suggest wearing a mask when using. Donna is very prompt on her replies for quotations and getting orders in right away. Disposal of used chemicals is the same for removing the coolants. Ensolv lasts a long time, we have gotten up to 8 months out of a drum. This is with regular use of the machine, lightly greased parts.

Review by Candy U.


I called and spoke with Colton Mandell and he made placing my order so easy! With just a few questions and Super Customer Service my order was placed within just a few minutes. Thank you Colton for being so friendly and getting my order placed so fast. It's always a pleasure to call and speak to someone who is friendly and knows their job!

Review by Darren E.


I've been doing business with this company for several years now and they have always been top notch service. Donna always takes care of whatever i need and does if quickly. I plan on doing business with them for years to come.

Review by Quintel


We have been using the product called Ensolv GCS-LOW Cleaning Solvent Degreaser since February 2006. We order this product in the 55 gallon drum form, and we use it to clean our products for oxygen service for the steel mills. The products works great, the smell is very tolerable, not overpowering, and gets the job done! Anytime we have any questions, concerns, or need the product quickly the customer service team is very helpful and gets us exactly what we need when we need it. Great overall product and company!

Review by Piero C.


Both Donna and Colton are exceptional customer service employees that always are there to answer my questions and ensure the product I order is delivered on time. They offer alternative suggestions as well to accommodate my work needs. I enjoy conversing with them and both are very personable. A definite asset to their company.

Review by Leslie B.


I dealt with Donna Hreno and she was so fantastic to work with. We needed some solvent asap and she was able to help us out. Thank you!

Review by John L.


Carly, thanks for this link for a chance for a Fandango card. I really appreciate your service and dedication to provide me with your awesome products. Enviro Tech is a company I have recommended to my co worker, such as Roxie and who has in fact placed this order which I am responding to. Thank you.

Review by T. Yang


We have been using this product (ENSOLV) for over 10 years with no issues. Recently called to purchase more for our sister company in Taiwan, Colton was able to help me friendly approachable knowledgeable with this company your in good hands!

Review by Mike B.


Enviro Tech was able to quickly provide me with the information I needed. I had a question about the Safety Data Sheets for two of their products, and they were able to quickly get back to me regarding the issue. I would certainly not hesitate to contact them in the future, should another issue come up. Overall, and excellent company that I would recommend working with to anyone.

Review by Jerry W.


I am writing this review to say that I was very satisfied with the help that I got from Colton asked me a couple simple questions of what kind of machine I was using sent that information off to him replied to me within an hour or a little bit less saying that yes he could sell us the product give me some prices and how much it would cost was very very satisfied especially for a first time buyer. Thank you yours truly Jerry Wallace Tottenham cleaners

Review by Roxie


Envirotech has great customer service. They response fast to my "request for quotations" or any other questions i might have. They have very good prices and the majority of the time my orders are received on time, and the packaging was appropriate for the safe delivery of the product.

Review by Liz H.


Enviro Tech provides excellent customer service and on time delivery for our production and supply needs. We can rely on their competent employees to update any shipping or stock information we need as well as friendly service. Would highly recommend as a supplier in the future.

Review by Q.C.


Donna Hreno provided excellent customer service and is very pleasant with professionalism and integrity. When ever we need a Certificate of Analysis or Safety Data Sheet for the products that we buy, she comes through. The documents are clear and concise and without errors.

Review by Kirk G.


I reached out to Enviro Tech regarding the use of Ensolv to dissolve polymers in a specific application. Mario Bozicek provided options and helped me to select the proper Ensolv product. Upon receipt, I had some questions regarding compatibility with processing equipment and Mario answered my questions and suggested alternatives to avoid some compatibility concerns. Mario routinely checked in during the evaluation process to ensure that we did not have any questions or concerns. While the Ensolv did work as expected, the application for its continued use never came to fruition. Despite the end result, Mario was instrumental throughout the entire process. Thank you Mario!

Review by Matt B.


The Customer Service Team at Enviro Tech did an excellent job of responding to my request for a Safety Data Sheet promptly. The representative that responded to me was exceedingly polite, and extended an invitation to request further information if I needed such. Their transparency and ease of access to safety data sheets makes them an ideal provider for the modern consumer who needs to stay informed and safe.

Review by Timothy S.


Extremely great customer service. I placed my order with Donna Hreno on Tuesday 04/10 and within minutes they replied with cost confirmation and shipping confirmation. Most companies would have the customer arrange the freight but not Envirotech. They gave me the choice of using FedEx or UPS which made things easier for me. Overall it was an easy ordering experience from start to finish. I would not hesitate to order with them again.

Review by Mike


This was our company’s first order in quite some time with Enviro Tech International. We ordered Ensolv cleaner in aerosol cans. This is the first time we are ordering it in aerosol cans, although I have used it this way before. This is a great product and the ordering process was quick and easy! Great overall experience with the product, and the company.

Review by Robeam M.


I used EnSolv-A: n-Propyl Bromide (nPB) Solvents for extraction and cleaning purpose it is a very effective and efficient product. The price is reasonable, especially when it is purchased in 55 gallons. good extraction capacity and it doesn’t hurt the skin when it is spilled on the skin, it doesn't have a bad odor, easily despread when it is washed with soap.

Review by Jiayi S.


Enviro Tech International, Inc. is a great company to work with. Donna provides great customer service with our monthly orders. She always response very fast, informative, and very nice. Products are always delivery on time and high quality. Enviro Tech is one of the best vendors we work with. Highly Recommendation.

Review by Felix L.


Quality Degreasing Solvent and Superior Service. We are cutting tools manufacturer that using degreasing solvent from them for years. We order average 2 drums of solvent every month. We have never had any issue with their solvent and their delivery is always on time. Highly recommended!

Review by Rebecca C.


The customer service department at Enviro Tech has always been very responsive to my company's requests. Just this morning I asked for an updated SDS, which was received in less than ten minutes from when I emailed my request. Thank you for the quick response, which makes my company look good to the end-use customer!

Review by J.C.


Donna in customer service was very helpful and was extremely nice and informative. She has helped me in the past and every time has a friendly attitude. I must say that she is full of "awesome-sauce" and please reward her with expensive trinkets or at least buy her lunch.

Review by John


Thank you for the very user friendly web site. I was able to get the info on many products that we purchase relativley easy and it allowed me to save a variety of ways to my computer. We've been a customer for many years and have had no problems with quality.

Review by Bonnie V.


When a vendor/supplier places people, product, and process in the highest regard you have the recipe for a fantastic company. Thank you Enviro Tech for dealing with us as a person first and following through with process and product. Donna has always responded in a timely and professional fashion.

Review by John D.


My initial contact with Envirotech was very positive. I recently took on the role of purchasing for our new facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Scott and Donna responded promptly to my request for quotation and my order was immediately placed. Delivery was on time as promised.

Review by Thien N.


After filling out my information to be able to download the SDS and TDS for EnSolv cleaner to update my company's EH&S records, received an email from a representative within minutes asking if they could provide any assistance. I replied to the email and got a quick response to my questions. They have a great sales and support team.

Review by Mohamed Y.


Their products meet our specifications, delivery requirements and value expectations. Both Donna and Rich provide excellent service. They answer e-mails promptly. It is a great company to work with. Ordering is quick and convenient.

Review by Rebecca


Envirotech is a great company to work with. We recently started purchasing from them and are very satisfied with the quality of the product. Our salesman Mike is great, always available for question. Donna is always available to take our order and get the product right away. Highly recommend this company!

Review by Kassandra S.


We are a Distributor to many of our customers and customer service plays a huge role. My colleagues and I have been following up purchase order confirmations and have not had an issue getting a confirmation(s) from Enviro tech International Inc. Keep up the good work!

Review by Thomas F.


We have been a customer of Enviro Tech's for years now. We are a chemical distributor, who have had a lot of success with their products over the years with our customers and applications. Enviro Tech has always been a great company to work with. I'm in purchasing, and I deal with many different suppliers, and I must say, Donna Hreno has been one of the most helpful and pleasant persons I have ever worked with in this business. Always very responsive and never misses a beat! Thanks for continuing this great valued business partnership with us.

Review by Shawna


We have used Ensolv GCS for years and glad we made the change. The product is safer for our employees and cleans the first time. Ordering is quick and convenient. With a great product comes superb customer service. Accurate and quick response times puts them on top.

Review by Justin D.


I have recently taken over the purchasing role for our company, and when I had to place an order for EnSolv, I found Donna Hreno to be very helpful. I got a quick response and got my order moving right along. I appreciate your product and more importantly the friendly and helpful staff. Thank you!

Review by William B.


We have been buying EnSolv A from these guys for years, never really any delivery or quaility issues have arose. Customer service as provided by Donna H. is excellent, order confirmations are sent back in a timely fashion, cert of analysis is done properly and to our spec, many suppliers have difficulty with this but not these guys.

Review by Kristi B.


Donna Hreno handles our account here at Needle Specialty Products. She has been wonderful to work with. She is quick to answer any questions and gets our order processed and handled right away. I highly recommend Enviro Tech. We will continue ordering from them for years to come.

Review by Sandy R.


As a 3rd party shipper (freight forwarder-Locher Evers International) I would like to say that it is always a pleasure dealing with Enviro Tech. Donna's paperwork is always precise, on time and she is quick to answer any questions!

Review by Becky


Donna Hreno handles our account. She is a wonderful face for Enviro Tech, and she always takes great care of our account. Any time we have an urgent order or request, she handles it efficiently, effectively, and to our satisfaction. She meets our needs time and time again. We love working with her!

Review by John D.

John D.

My initial contact with Envirotech was very positive. I recently took on the role of purchasing for our new facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Scott and Donna responded promptly to my request for quotation and my order was immediately placed. Delivery was on time as promised.

Review by Lori


I needed a technical question answered and Scott came to my rescue. I asked him about Perc and if it can be used or substituted for certain cleaning conditions. Scott hooked me up with the right people to take care of my problem. I am very grateful to Enviro Tech for taking the time to help me.

Review by Maureen S.


I have been ordering from Enviro Tech for 13 year's +/- and have been dealing with Donna. The experience has been fantastic, Donna is a efficient, on top of things, pleasant and a great worker and person to deal with. Thank you.

Review by Leah


Donna is very pleasant to work with. She is always very prompt with quotes and confirmations of POs. Also, as long as I've been working with Envro Tech we have not had any issues with lead times or having to return product.

Review by Rebecca H.


We are fairly new using Enviro Tech. Our Salesman Mike has been great, very satisfied with the service and product. Highly recommend.

Review by Renata C.


In the years we have been dealing with Enviro Tech, the communication and customer service has been outstanding. Thank you to Donna for the professional and accurate service provided. We really appreciate the timely delivery of your products and are happy to continue doing business with Enviro Tech.

Review by Mark M.


We have been using Enviro Tech products in our Electronics manufacturing for 10 years. They always have excellent service, and fresh products. The EnSolv-A is great for cleaning up flux residue, fingerprints and preparing surfaces for labels. I highly recommend it!

Review by Sebastian S.


Working with Donna has been nothing by professional. She has always provided excellent customer service. My purchase orders have always been timely with all the correct information posted the very first time. My end customer has been very pleased with expedited ordering process. Thanks Donna!

Review by William


We have been using these guys for years, great to work with, always get back to you. High Quality and precision, we are in the medical device industry, this kind of quality is essential

Review by Shaylah K.


Great customer service and fast response time! They really helped me in finding what I needed!

Review by Liz H.


Great customer service and quality products!

Review by Joshua T.


On a daily basis I deal with multiple venders and costumer service reps. The experience that I get when I order from Enviro Tech is by far the best. Fun, friendly, Knowledgeable and hassle free. Thank you Brittany for your help with my projects.

Review by Sandy P.


Mario Bozicek was my rep..Knowledgeable, Friendly & Fast!

Review by Mr. Avelar


Everyday is like a Monday for Donna, she won't stop!

Review by Janice M.


Very good company. Excellent customer service!

Review by Mary K.


Very fast turn around, excellent customer service personnel, some of the best I ever had to deal with!

Review by Julie R.


Never had an issue, always prompt. Excellent Customer service.

Review by Jennifer H.


Fast quotes and order confirmations, great pricing, and excellent customer service!

Review by Karen J.


Fast customer service.

Review by Barb G.


Prompt, pleasant customer service with speedy delivery gets A+ in our eyes

Review by Overton W.


Enviro Tech is an excellent company. They have excellent service and quick product delivery.

Review by Vicky C.


Great Service! Response time is great and timely with product delivery. No problems receiving requested paperwork.

Review by Kurt A.


We got great support, the product we needed for a price that beat all of our competitors. What more can you ask for. Had to set up a new account, and even that was seamless. Thanks Donna!

Review by Dawna T.


Donna is very pleasant and helpful. I required some information about a product and I received the email within an hour. No complaints with customer service, the company, or the products.

Review by Mamie E.



Review by Sharon S.


Donna is the best customer service rep and is a complete asset to Enviro Tech! Excellent products and customer satisfaction all the way around.

Review by Rob P.


Excellent service.

Review by Stan G.


Great Product. Thanks

Review by Luis C.


Excellent products (Ensolv) + Superb service = Sucess

Review by Kimberly C.


Great customer service, response back on emails in a timely manner, Great Job~

Review by Leah D.


Prompt responses and good product! Great company to work with.

Review by Laina S.


Envirotech is a pleasure to work with. Their company is attentive to our needs as a customer and processes our purchase orders in a very timely manner.

Review by Ryan B.


We use Ensolv were at work. best solvent i ever used. The girls doing our soldering refuse to use alcohol now that they know what Ensolv can do.

Review by John


Donna was a big help with great customer service.

Review by Lance P.


Donna is a joy to talk on the phone with. Great Service!!!

Review by Tina S.


Excellent service and quick turnaround time.

Review by George R.


Did the research and found you had a very good product- much better than what we were using. The product was shipped quickly and was here right away

Review by John A.


Donna Hreno is on top of things like a wolf on its prey!

Review by Brandon


Excellent service from Donna and fast shipping! Pleasure to do business with. Happy to recommend.

Review by John C.


Donna Hreno = Great service. A raise, perhaps,...in her future?

Review by Jelena P.


Great service!

Review by Shawna H.


Placed an order, received the acknowledgement and shipping information in 30 minutes all by email. Thank you, Donna.

Review by Khanh T.


Excellent service, fast shipping and quick response when needed. Thanks Donna H

Review by Becky C.


Donna Hreno is phenomenal and deserves a 5+ rating!! She always jumps through hoops to provide us with information, and today she helped us with a same-day order for a first-time customer. Donna - thank you so much for the excellent customer service!!!

Review by John A.


Orders are processed immediately and always arrive on time.

Review by Mirna T.


Donna Hreno is a wonderful sales rep she is always so quick to help me and respond for my orders. Very helpful and very informative. 5 + star rating for Donna. Thank you so much for all your assistance Donna.

Review by Luis D.


Great Service! Donna Hreno is a rock star! Wish more folks were like her. Thank you!

Review by Briana L.


Great Service!! Donna Hreno always responds quickly to my orders, thanks :)

Review by Sandy A.


Great service from Enviro Tech. Mario and Donna responded very quickly and our order was shipped as requested.

Review by Liz Y.


Great customer service! Mario Bozicek was quick to send out a sample to me. He followed up later to see how it was working. The product is amazing! Very pleased with Mario and Envirotech.

Review by Nola F.


Mike Long responded immediately to my inquiry and my orders was promptly placed. Great customer service! Thank you so much.

Review by Kevin W.


Great company with outstanding products. Mike Long always has the answer or can find it quickly. Love how quick we get our orders

Review by Steve R.

Their Customer Service is EXCELLENT, timely, courteous, and fast!! Donna is awesome.Thanks!!

Review by June M.


Donna and Mike are great to work with. There is very little time between an email response whether it be a quote or question about an order. Thank you.

Review by Thomas F.


It has been a pleasure working with Enviro Tech, and Donna Hreno has been the greatest in regards to help and consistency. Thank you!

Review by Jim R.

Customer service is top notch. I left my contact information and email address on the web page. I had a email response the same day from my area sales rep Mike Long. I spoke with Mike on the telephone the following day and received the documentation and assistance I needed. Thank You!

Review by Janet


Excellent product and customer service.

Review by Rick R.


without Donna Hreno my job would be a lot more complicated thanks for everything

Review by Natalie L.


I have been working with Mike Long, Karl Loepke and Donna Hreno for the past couple of years. It is a pleasure doing business with them. Their outstanding responsiveness to my requests and technical concerns are extremely helpful to our business.

Review by John A.

Mike Long and Brittany Pedersen have been of great assistance to us in both the technical support service and the purchasing process. They make things go as smooth as possible. Thank you Mike and Brittany, you are a great asset for Enviro Tech!

Review by Phil Q.


Excellent service and timely response to questions

Review by Chuck M.


Always get prompt service, timely response to needs and no problems overall.....very consistent company!

Review by Alan H.

Quick response on quotes and order processing. Thanks for the prompt service.

Review by Nancy H.

Everybody is quick, proactive and good to work with. Very helpful and fast respond to all our request.Thank you!!

Review by Philip G.


I have recently taken over for purchasing at our company Enviro Tech staff has been extremely helpful and quick with getting information and placing orders.

Review by Vicky F.


Mike Long was great to transition us over to Enviro Tech with all the necessary documents upfront without even asking for them. We had Enviro Tech set up the same day and order re-sent.

Review by Dave S.


Mike Long was very helpful in helping us determine what was wrong with our current degreasing system and assisted us in figuring out a new, more efficient system. We will be using Envirotech to clean and nuetralize our systems when PMs are due.

Review by Rob A.


Envirotech has done a great job of meeting all of our requirements. I feel what they offer is a step above what the competitors offer, on many levels, and that has value beyond the price.

Review by Rhonda B.


I have been working with Donna H now for a year - since the transition of our product to her area. She is always helpful and very responsive to her customers needs. Thank you for being a wonderful contact to work with.

Review by Rhonda P.


Part Cleaning so far has been performing pretty good in product shipments - there have been a few hiccups but will soon be overcome. Deliveries have been a couple days late, it is a "requirement" that all purchase orders must get a return confirmation by email or fax to let me know that it has indeed been received, reviewed, and any changes noted if necessary. This so far has been noncomplying and needs to be addressed please. Customer Service rep is very friendly to deal with and knowledgeable in her responses. The biggest area I am impressed with so far is the pick up of spent drums and empties...this has been very useful in helping us move this product out the door and not becoming an eye sore in the warehouse. Thank you for your services!

Review by Jeff L.


We have worked with Enviro Tech Int'l for many years, and we have always been treated with respect and professionalism by all of those we interact with, and in particular Donna Hreno and Brittany Pedersen. They do a fantastic job of customer service and customer relations in the way they go about their business. They should be highly commended. Thank you.

Review by Eric G.


Brittany has definitely made it easy when I've needed to order products, as well as help expedite shipments when needed. I can always count on her whenever I need a quick response. Great customer service!!

Review by Drew P.


Brittany and Enviro Tech are a great combination. With a customer contact like her that is well informed and eager to help meet your material needs and delivery schedule, we proudly recommend Enviro Tech. Five stars out of five.

Review by Chad W.


Mike Long has always been very dependable to our company. He has never let us down on any project big or small.

Review by Angela R.

Brittany has always responded to requests in a timely manner, and I can't recall any issues that we have ever had with Enviro Tech. Great customer service, and always very friendly!

Review by Julie V.


Brittany Pederson is a joy to work with, always upbeat and helpful. She also has a rapid reponse to any questions I might have. I can really count on her and Envirotech.

Review by Maureen B.


Donna Hreno is wonderful and very responsive to our needs. She is always on top of things and I never feel like I'm bothering her when I have questions. Thank you Enviro Tech.

Review by Syd F.


Mike Long is a dependable, knowledgeable resource. He has helped us with finding a drop in replacement for TCE, neutralized our degreasers and stills, educated us on the important differences between TCE and NPB and has fantastic customer service before, during and after the sale.

Review by Mark M.


For the limited time that I have been a buyer at Hisco, Brittany has supported me in every aspect of Enviro Tech products and customer service. She continues to help by check in with me to see if she can offer any more services and assistance. A+ service.

Review by Larry M.


Brittany is very prompt in responding to requests, and is very accurate in her delivery estimates. Brittany makes the purchasing process very easy. She is an example of customer service the way it should be.

Review by Mike S.


Mike Long has always been quick, responsive to our needs and and an excellent resource. He is a dependable and capable supplier representative to our company!

Review by Eric S.


I am a relatively new customer of Enviro Tech. I have to be honest: At first, I was not at all inclined to do business with EnviroTech. Normally, if a company does not post pricing or have an online purchasing option, I don't give them a second thought. But the Ensolv line of products were so highly recommended by a new department manager, that I called anyway. I am glad I did! I got Brittany Pedersen on phone and she immediately turned the experience into a very positive one. She was able to answer all of my questions and provide fast, effortless delivery of the products I needed. If anyone less talented than Brittany had answered the phone that day, I probably would have never have tried Enviro Tech's products. Now we use them daily. Brittany continues to provide us with great customer service with every purchase. Excellent job and thanks again!

Review by Tina H.

We have been working with Enviro Tech for 13 years. We rely on Mario for product application and performance advice for the various customers operations that we service. I have worked with Donna Hreno for the last 8 years and have received great customer service. She is wonderful to work with and gets back with all information needed.

Review by Dave S.

We receive fantastic service from Enviro Tech - great delivery and great customer service. Mike Long is an outstanding rep - been helping us for years keeping us on top of our game and out of trouble thru both company affiliations especially now with Enviro Tech. We have no reason to look elsewhere.......... Dave Swaim

Review by Robert R.


Our company has dealt with ETI for over 15 years and simply put, they’re a great company in every possible way. Their proactive approach to servicing various industries with new and great performing products, reliable performance (no matter how difficult the application) and their outstanding support in all areas of the company make them a pleasure to deal with. It has been our sincere privilege to work with ETI and I recommend them wholeheartedly!

Review by Corey R.


We have been working with Mike Long for a number years now. Mike has always been prompt and helpful with his service and assistance, and he is our 'pick' for best vendor rep. His clean out service is top notch!

Review by Glen G.


Getting the cleaning solvents we need has never been easier Brittany P. always takes care of us with emergency delivery's and special needs. Excellent company to deal with!

Review by Fred O.

My company has been dealing with Mike Long for several years. He is always right there, whether we are ordering cleaning solvents, needing cleanout services, or helping us resolve cleaning issues.Thanks Mike and thanks Enviro Tech!

Review by John B.


I have been working with Mike Long since 2006! He is always available and always very helpful. Great service.

Review by Melissa J.


My CSR Mike Long has always done a wonderful job on getting the products i need!!! Great customer service, quality and delivery!!!

Review by Patrick G.


John Long has been very good and resourceful working through the Tech Clean acquisition, quality, and cost control for one our specific products. John understands the need to control costs and deliver the best cost effective product. John is always there for you and does what ever is necessary to get the job done the way the customer, that's us, wishes. We have some new challenges coming at us and look forward to working with John for a cost effective resolution.

Review by Patrick C.


My representative Mike Long has been a tremendous help to us in our vapor degreasing process. We struggled for many years to locate the right person to help us with maintaining our solvent and equipment. Since working with Mike for last few years, our knowledge and understanding has increased tremendously. I wouldn't purchase my products from anyone else.

Review by Susan N.


I have been working with Enviro Tech for many years & find Donna Hreno a pleasure to work with. Ordering is quick & easy & deliveries are on time. Thanks Donna.

Review by Jeannine J.


My CSR Donna Hreno has been a real joy to work with the past 8 years. Any time I need an immediate shipment of Ensolv, if at all possible, she gets it shipped out the very same day! As a buyer, I appreciate her efficiency and communication - job very well done Donna!!

Review by John J.


I have been working with Enviro Tech for over a year. I consistently receive World Class Customer Service, from Order placement to receipt of Product. I have had no negative experience. Brittany P. and the Team take care of every detail. Proud to have you on My Team : L ) John

Review by Darlene B.


Our CSR Brittany Pendersen is very awesome to work with. We have customers with pretty ridgid requirements as far as delivery dates and Brittany works with me to ship just as soon as possible and follows up to be sure all my questions are answered!! very lucky to have her!! Darlene..


Review by Darlene B.


Our CSR Brittany Pendersen is very awesome to work with. We have customers with pretty ridgid requirements as far as delivery dates and Brittany works with me to ship just as soon as possible and follows up to be sure all my questions are answered!! very lucky to have her!! Darlene..

Review by Darlene B.


Our CSR Brittany Pendersen is very awesome to work with. We have customers with pretty ridgid requirements as far as delivery dates and Brittany works with me to ship just as soon as possible and follows up to be sure all my questions are answered!! very lucky to have her!! Darlene..