Industries Served

One of our goals at Enviro Tech is to provide our customers with as many convenient and comprehensive industrial cleaning solutions as possible. We are proud to help customers in myriad industries meet their unique objectives — on time and on budget.

Enviro Tech has been manufacturing environmentally responsible and safer cleaning solvents for decades. Used in lieu of other, more hazardous and flammable industrial solvents including PERC and TCE, our nPB and fluorinated solvents can be used for nearly any application across a wide range of industries. These industrial cleaning solutions help to create a safer workplace and a safer environment — without sacrificing the cleaning quality that our customers have come to expect.

Carrier Fluid

NEXT CF (Carrier Fluid)NEXT CF (Carrier Fluid) is a nonflammable carrier fluid used alongside various silicones, lubricants and other coatings during device assemblies that require a uniform coat to be applied. NEXT CF is highly soluble with poly...

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Enviro Tech has been working with customers in the aerospace industry for more than 20 years. Our specialists are more than just familiar with aerospace chemicals and aerospace cleaning products, we are experts in their chemical makeup and manufac...

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Enviro Tech manufactures EnSolv®-Ionic, the leading nPB electronic cleaning solution. We’ve been perfecting this highly effective, patented formula since 1994, when Enviro Tech first opened its doors. Companies around the globe use and trust this ...

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Metal Finishing

Since 1994, Enviro Tech has helped companies in the metal finishing industry meet their industrial metal cleaning and formulating requirements. Countless firms around the world rely on our stabilized n-propyl bromide (nPB) metal degreasing solvent...

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Vapor Degreasing

Vapor degreasing is a very efficient and cost-effective way for dissolving contaminants on a variety of work pieces. Compared with traditional degreasing methods, Enviro Tech’s process is safer and more streamlined. In short, it works like this: ...

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Asphalt Extraction

Since 1994, Enviro Tech has continually aimed to become one of the top suppliers of safer, environmentally responsible, stabilized n-propyl bromide (nPB) solvents for industrial cleaning applications. And with our nPB-based sol...

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The incredible power of Enviro Tech’s patented EnSolv® cleaning products reaches far beyond just vapor degreasing. Not surprisingly, the best vapor degreasing solvents are also exceptional for use in aerosol cleaning applications. That’s why we pa...

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Refrigerant Flush

The longer an HVAC system is in operation, the greater the chance that it will require flushing. This is because contamination from moisture, carbon residue, acids and other particulate matter can become clogged in the lines. This is a problem par...

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Medical Devices

If you require solvents to clean medical equipment and/or medical devices, look no further than Enviro Tech. We are the premier manufacturer of stabilized n-propyl bromide (nPB) solvents, including EnSolv®, and fluorinated solvents such as NEXT 30...

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Solvents are among the most effective industrial cleaning solutions because of their effectiveness and stability. Because solvents dissolve and remove unwanted materials without causing chemical changes, they are useful in a wide variety of industrial applications where machine components and other objects need to be cleaned without the risk of wearing them down and causing damage to them. For example, solvents can be very useful in the medical device industry for cleaning medical equipment without leaving residue that could build up and lead to increased risk of infections or malfunctioning equipment. This is because solvents dissolve and disperse soils and other organic materials, carrying them away instead of allowing them to settle back onto the surfaces.

Solvents also serve as highly effective industrial cleaning solutions because they are exceptionally stable as cleaning products, meaning they do not break down over time as easily as other types of cleaning products. This assures that an aerospace manufacturer, for example, can purchase large quantities of cleaning solvents and they will continue to be as effective at the end as they were in the first few applications. Because of this stability, manufacturers and other industrial customers can save money by purchasing in bulk.