Aerospace Cleaning Products


Enviro Tech has been working with customers in the aerospace industry for over 25 years. Our specialists understand the unique issues involved in cleaning materials specific to the aerospace industry and are experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning products to meet your critical needs. You can count on the professionals at Enviro Tech to provide a convenient and comprehensive solution that meets your particular needs and specifications.

Vapor degreasing , a space and energy efficient alternate to other aviation parts cleaning methods including aqueous immersion, is a highly effective process for removing contaminants from both simple and complex precision parts. With the proven ability to clean a wide variety of substrates, from steel and aluminum to plastics and carbon fiber, vapor degreasing with Enviro Tech’s family of 5408 products ensures critical components will pass all cleanliness testing standards. Vapor degreasing with EnSolv 5480 and NEXT 5408 is the ideal choice for critical cleaning in the aerospace industry.

EnSolv® 5408 Aerospace Solvent

EnSolv® 5408 is a stabilized, non-flammable, n-propyl bromide based solvent for the replacement of trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene and other solvents designed exclusively for precision cleaning aerospace parts in vapor degreasers. EnSolv® 5408 is an azeotropic mixture and unlike other solvents on the market, EnSolv® 5408’s stabilizer package typically precludes the need to add stabilizers to maintain the integrity of the solvent through normal use. EnSolv® 5408 can be distilled and reused through numerous cycles before it needs to be replaced, reducing overall costs for your cleaning process.

We’re proud that EnSolv® 5408 was the first n-propyl bromide based solvent approved under Boeing’s commercial PSD 6-62 specification for use under BAC 5408 as well as Boeing’s military spec PS 12020 Rev Y. In addition to Boeing approval, EnSolv® 5408 has over 30 other domestic and international specification and testing approvals specific to the aerospace industry, from major aerospace organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney and Airbus as well as numerous other non-aerospace world-wide approvals.

For over 15 years, EnSolv® 5408 has been the overwhelming choice of programs requiring aerospace industry approved, non-chlorinated solvents for vapor degreasing. Our ISO 9001 manufacturing facility and precise in-house quality control ensure EnSolv® 5408 will continue to be the leading nPB based solvent in the aerospace industry, providing a proven, cost effective and efficient solution unequaled by other products.

Next 5408 Fluorinated Solvent

NEXT 5408, a nonflammable precision cleaning solvent based on 1,2 trans dichloroethylene, is an ASTM D2942 aviation degreaser approved under Boeing’s commercial PSD 6-77 specification for use under BAC 5408. NEXT 5408 has been approved for use on primed or painted surfaces per BMS10-11 Type I, BMS10-11 Type II, BMS10-20 Type II, BMS10-79 Type III, BMS10-79 Type II, BMS10-60 Type II and BMS10-10-100. Our patent pending NEXT 5408 is an azeotropic mixture which typically precludes the need to add stabilizers to maintain the integrity of the solvent through normal use.

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