Asphalt Extraction Solvent Solutions

Asphalt Extraction

Since 1994, Enviro Tech has continually aimed to become one of the top suppliers of safer, environmentally responsible, stabilized n-propyl bromide (nPB) solvents for industrial cleaning applications. And with our nPB based solvent cleaner - EnSolv®, we have succeeded. Our signature product is ideal for use in a variety of asphalt extraction methods.

Unlike solvents traditionally used in the industry, EnSolv® cleaners are more environmentally conscious because of the low potential of n-propyl bromide to contribute to ozone depletion and global warming. In addition, EnSolv® is the original, patented, stabilized nPB, and is extremely stable.It is compatible with most metals and a variety of plastics and elastomers. It’s also easy to use as a replacement for trichloroethylene and other chlorinated solvents because it won’t require retraining of employees or any modifications to existing procedures.

EnSolv®-EX Solvent for Asphalt Extraction

EnSolv®-EX is a new-generation solvent for granular and bituminous extractions. It is an excellent choice as a safer replacement for hazardous solvents such as methylene chloride and trichloroethylene — and our EnSolv®-EX is just as efficient and effective.

Like other solvent solutions for asphalt extraction, EnSolv®-EX works to break down the bitumen that binds the aggregate in asphalt. Bitumen serves as the binding agent that holds the aggregate material together and seals it. Once that bitumen is broken down by the EnSolv®-EX solvent, the asphalt aggregate can be collected and removed.

Unlike other solvent solutions for asphalt extraction, however, EnSolv®-EX is far less dangerous to the environment. The low potential for EnSolv®-EX to contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming makes it an ideal product for sustainable solvent recovery and recycling initiatives. The experience and expertise Enviro Tech has with developing and using these types of stabilized, environmentally responsible n-propyl bromide solvents means EnSolv®-EX stands apart from other types of n-propyl bromide solvents on the market.

EnSolv®-EX is an azeotropic mixture that is 100 percent recyclable and re-usable through numerous distillation cycles. In June 2005, AASHTO approved n-propyl bromide, the key constituent of EnSolv®-EX, as an asphalt extraction solvent per AASHTO T164. In addition, EnSolv®-EX meets ASTM D2172 and has been exhaustively tested by the Federal Highway Authority as an alternative to more hazardous chlorinated asphalt solvents.