Carrier Fluid

Carrier Fluid

NEXT CF (Carrier Fluid)

NEXT CF (Carrier Fluid) is a nonflammable carrier fluid used alongside various silicones, lubricants and other coatings during device assemblies that require a uniform coat to be applied.

NEXT CF is highly soluble with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) fluids, lubricants and other coatings and thus works exceptionally well as a carrier solvent for parts that need coatings regardless of part geometry. In addition to its high solubility, NEXT CF has exceptionally low viscosity and surface tension further enhancing its ability to adequately cover parts of all geometric shapes. Simply submerge parts into a solution of NEXT CF and the coating that needs to be applied, and then slowly remove the parts from the mixture. NEXT CF will evaporate quickly, leaving only a thin uniform layer of the desired coating behind. This process is quick yet simple and yields consistent results even in tough to reach places.

Technical Details

Appearance - Clear, Bright

Odor - Slight

PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA) - See SDS

Boiling Point - 34.4C (94F)

Evaporation Rate - Instant

Chemical Family - HFE Solvents

Flashpoint - None

Ozone Impact (ODP) - Zero

Safety Rating - Non-Flammable