List of Process Specification Approvals & Specification Conformity Tests

EnSolv Specification Conformity Tests & Specification Conformity Tests

Airbus, ABP 8-1294 Issue 6 - Vapor Degreasing, Immersion, Pipe Flushing, Cold Cleaning

AAI Engineering Support (Ft. Knox USA), – cleaning of M-1 and M-2 tank simulator PCBs


Air Liquide (France), – Cleaning Oxygen lines

Airbus / British Aerospace, ABR 9-0140 - Issue 5A Type 1 General Purpose Cleaning Solvent

Airbus, 80-T-35-0014, Process Specification, Cleaning with Organic Solvents (Cold Cleaning Agents)

Airbus, ABP 8-1294 Issue 9- Vapor Degreasing, Flush Cleaning, Immersion or Spraying, Cold Cleaning Solvent Immersion or SWAB / Wipe Type 3

Anniston Army Depot, – cleaning of M1-A1 tank parts

ASTM, D6368-06 - Stabilized n-Propyl Bromide for use in Vapor Degreasing

ASTM, F 945 - Stress Corrosion of Titanium Alloys by Aircraft Maintenance Materials (Method A)

Belgian Armed Forces

Bell Helicopters, Process Engineering Order: BPS 4138 Revision E-2, Materials Bulletin 1918 - n-Propyl Bromide, Vapor Degreasing Grade

BOC, PLM-02-02-BOC – Guidelines for Oxygen Cleaning

BOC, Spec 399856, Doc # 50000810, Cleaning, Degreasing & Packaging for Oxygen Duty

Boeing D6-17487 Revision L, – Exterior & General Cleaners & Liquid Waxes

Boeing Military Aerospace, PS 12020 Revision Y - Vapor Degreasing Specification - allows use of EnSolv-5408 and EnSolv Spec 490 Stabilizer Booster in certain vapor degreasing applications on military aircraft such as the F-15, F-16 and F-18

Boeing, BAC 5408 - Vapor Degreasing

Boeing, BMS 11-11 - Stabilized n-Propyl Bromide

Boeing, D6-17487 Revision L – Exterior & General Cleaners & Liquid Waxes

Boeing, HP9-25 Revision U- Degreasing, Apache Helicopter

Boeing, PSD 6-62 - Process Specification Deviation to BAC 5408 - allows use of EnSolv-5408 and EnSolv Spec 490 Stabilizer Booster in certain vapor degreasing applications

Bombardier, EMCM-001 (ASTM D6368) - n-Propyl Bromide, Aerospace Vapor Degreasing Grade Montreal Facility (5805320 SAP)

Bombardier, P. Spec. 407 Issue 12 – Chemical & Electro-Chemical Treatment for metal parts

Bombardier, PPS 31.04 – Degreasing Process

Chilworth Technology, Flash Point Testing

Corpus Christi Army Depot, Vapor degreasing GE & Pratt & Whitney engines for use on UH-60 and Blackhawk helicopters

Delco Defense Systems Operations, – Vapor degreasing PCBs for thermal imaging systems

Directory of Cleaning Agents for Oxygen Service produced by Compressed Gas Association

Display Division Pacific Aerospace and Electronics, – Vapor degreasing of electromagnetic relays for Defense satellites

Douglas Aircraft (Now Boeing), CSD#1 - General Purpose Cleaner, test performed by SMI, Inc

1. Effect on Painted Surfaces Test (ASTM F 502)

2. Residue Test (ASTM F 485, passed AMS 4911 and AMS 4049)

3. Sandwich Corrosion Test

 2024-T3 Bare/Alodined per MIL-C-5541

 2024-T3 Bare/Anodized per MIL-A-8625

 2024-T3 Clad/Alodined per MIL-C-5541

 2024-T3 Clad/Anodized per MIL-A-8625

 7075-T6 Clad/Alodined per MIL-C-5541

 7075-T6 Clad/Anodized per MIL-A-8625

4. Immersion Corrosion Test (ASTM F 483)

5. Cadmium Removal Test (per MIL-S-18729, ASTM F 1111)

6. Hydrogen Embrittlement Test (ASTM F 519, Type 1C)

EDF (Electricite de France) & GDF (Gaz de France)

Embraer, NE40-012 REV.BP – Metallic Parts Cleaning

Flash Point Tests – ASTM-D-56; ASTM-D-93; ISO 13736 :1997; BS2000 PART 170 1995

Food & Drug Administration - Specifically for use as a carrier in food grade equipment lubricants, such as a chain lubricant in a food processing machine.

General Motors, FID 950603 – Vapor Degreasing & Cold Cleaning

Goodrich Aerospace, 5702ENSOLV5408

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Material Process Specification per ENG-SOP-0274

1. Specification: GAMPS 4112 Revision B - Solvent Wipe Cleaning

2. Standards: GAF14A – Individual Finish and Process Codes

3. Military Specification: A-A-59150A – Cleaning Compound, Solvent, Hydrofluoroether (HFE)

4. Military Specification: Mil-S-5002

5. ASTM D6368 – Standard Specification for Vapor Degreasing Solvents Based on normal-Propyl Bromide and Technical Grade Normal-Propyl Bromide,

6. SAE AMS 3819 - Cloths - Cleaning for Aircraft Primary and Secondary Structural Surfaces.

IMP Aerospace (Canada) - Vapor degreasing of sub-assemblies on CT-140 Aurora anti-submarine aircraft and the Sea King helicopter

Litton Guidance and Control, – Vapor degreasing PCBs for military space applications

Lockheed Martin Supplier, # EXO109420963

Lockheed Martin, EMAP G41.149approval for N-Propyl Bromide vapor degreasing

Lockheed Martin, STP57-301, Rev. W- Process Specification Cleaning of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Military Specification, MIL P28809 - Printed Circuit Cleaning

NASA White Sands Test Facility, – Solvent Removal Following Oxygen System Cleaning

NASA, GOX - Mechanical Impact Testing

NASA, LOX - Mechanical Impact Testing

Naval Surface Warfare Center, – Cleaning sub-assemblies on the Mark 42, Mark 45 5″ guns and the old Mark 20 6″ guns

Northrup Grumman PEI (Puerto Rico), – Vapor degreasing electronic components of torpedo warheads

Panasonic Mobile Communications

Pratt & Whitney / United Technologies, PWA 36604 - Compatibility with PWA 407 Rubber

Pratt & Whitney / United Technologies, PWA 36604- Hot Corrosion Testing of Standard Gas Turbine Engine Alloys

Pratt & Whitney, - Determination of the Effect of Chemical Cleaners on Non-Metallic Materials

Praxair, GS-38 – Guidelines for Oxygen Cleaning

SAE, AMS 1526B - Cleaner for Aircraft Exterior Surfaces

SAE, AMS 2644 - (Originally MIL-I-25135E Class: 1 & 1A) Class 1 Solvent Remover for NDT Penetrant Testing, Dept of the Air Force

SAE, ARP 1176 - Oxygen System and Component Cleaning and Packaging

SAE, ARP 1755B - Effect of Cleaning Agents on Aircraft Engine Materials

Schneider Group (France)

Solar Turbines, A Caterpillar Company, San Diego

Southwest Aerospace, – Vapor degreasing PCBs for drone target planes

Turkish Air Force, – 1st Maintenance Supply Center

United Defense LP, – Vapor Degreasing for sub-assemblies of the 5″-54 Mark 45 5″ Naval Guns

US Coast Guard, – Cold flush cleaning of air conditioners on the Dolphin helicopter

US Dept. of Transportation Federal Highways, – Replacement for Trichloroethylene in Asphalt Testing

USAF, – Cleaning PCBs on C-117 simulators

EnSolv EX Approvals and Conformances

AASHTO TP2 - Modified Version, Now AASHTO T319

ASTM 1856 Recovery of Asphalt from Solution by Abson Method

ASTM D2041 – Standard Test Method for Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity and Density of Bituminous Paving Mixtures

ASTM D2172 - Quantitative Extraction of Bitumen from Bituminous Paving Mixtures; has been exhaustively tested by the Federal Highway Authority as an alternative to hazardous chlorinated solvents.

ASTM D5404 - Recovery of Asphalt from Solution Using the Rotavapor Apparatus, Modified version of SHRP procedure

ASTM D5444 - Gradation, Mechanical Size Analysis of Extracted Aggregate

ASTM D6368-06 - standard specification for Vapor-Degreasing Grade and General Grade normal-Propyl Bromide

AASHTO M320, – Standard Specification for Performance-Graded Asphalt Binder

AASHTO T164, Asphalt Extraction Solvent

AASHTO T319 - Quantitative Extraction and Recovery of Asphalt Binder from Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)

Florida Department of Transportation

US Dept. of Transportation Federal Highways – Replacement for Trichloroethylene in Asphalt Testing

NEXT 3000 Specification Conformity Tests & Specification Conformity Tests

GE Template: “Cleaner Test Requirements” test performed by SMI, Inc

1. Stock Loss (ARP 1755B, Category 12* - Organic Solvent Cleaner)

2. IGA (Intergranular Attack Inspection at 400x, Minimum)

3. Hydrogen Embrittlement (ASTM F519 Type 1a Specimens)

4. Hot Corrosion

5. Stress Corrosion Cracking (Stress Corrosion Cracking (ASTM F945; AMS 4911 and 4916)

6. Elemental Analysis