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Chlorinated Solvents: TCE | PERC | 1,2 Trans

Since 1994, Enviro Tech has been providing commercial customers with chlorocarbons such as perchloroethylene (PERC) and trichloroethylene (TCE). Perc and TCE are used as solvents for metal degreasing, precision cleaning and manufacturing. Today, we are one of the country’s leading trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene suppliers.

Because of their toxicity, regulatory agencies are presently encouraging users to substitute TCE and PERC with more environmentally responsible alternatives to protect the environment and human health. While regulatory compliance can be quite challenging for some companies that use chlorinated solvents in their cleaning operations, Enviro Tech offers viable alternatives to help make this transition easier.

As innovators in the solvent market, we have developed efficient, affordable and, most importantly, safer alternatives to traditional PERC and TCE for industrial cleaning. In fact, Enviro Tech specializes in non-chlorinated, stabilized solvents that are based on either n-propyl bromide (EnSolv® and Tech Kleen®) or 1,2 trans-dichloroethylene (NEXT 3000 & EnSolv NEXT) — resulting in a safer workplace and a safer environment, without sacrificing the standard of cleaning quality upon which our customers depend.

Your Responsible Source for Chlorinated Solvents

That being said, chlorinated solvents are still widely used today for metal degreasing, cleaning and other industrial processes. To offer a full range of cleaning solvents, Enviro Tech offers the following chlorinated solvent products:

  • 1,2 Trans-Dichloroethylene (1,2 Trans): This chlorinated solvent is one of two distinct forms of dichloroethylene (C2H2Cl2), the other being cis-1,2 dichloroethylene. Available in 55-gallon drums.
  • Perchloroethylene (PERC): This highly stable and non-flammable but volatile liquid has the molecular formula C2Cl4. It is used in degreasing formulas and as an ingredient in numerous consumer products including inks, paint strippers and shoe polish. Available in 55-gallon drums.
  • Trichloroethylene (TCE): TCE is a clear liquid halocarbon with the chemical formula C2HCl3. Like PERC, it is non-flammable, which means it can be safely stored with minimal risk of fire or explosion. It is primarily used as an industrial degreaser. Available in 55-gallon drums.

Responsible Use Of Chlorinated Solvents

Once released into the environment, PERC, TCE, 1,2 Trans and other chlorinated solvents pass quickly into soil and groundwater, where they are slow to break down and biodegrade. Therefore, it is important to exercise vigilance and utilize proper solvent recovery and reprocessing procedures and equipment when including them in manufacturing and maintenance processes.

Enviro Tech believes that it is a perchloroethylene and trichloroethylene supplier’s responsibility to assist customers in using these products with the greatest possible respect for the environment and human health. For assistance with your chlorinated solvent needs, including procurement, best practices and/or alternative solutions, contact us online or call 708-343-6641.

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