Samsol Solvents: Low-Odor, Nonflammable Solvent

Hydrocarbon Solvents: Samsol Solvents


To best cater to the full spectrum of industrial cleaning solvents, Enviro Tech International is now an authorized distributor of Samsol Solvents from Banner Chemicals Group.

Samsol Solvents are high performance stoddard hydrocarbon cleaners, offering broad-based solvency and low toxicity. Approved for MIL-PRF-680C Type 1 and Type 2, Samsol solvent cleaners are designed for hand-wiping and immersion applications. They are also suitable for use in airless vacuum hydrocarbon equipment. Samsol Solvents are selected when a low odor, non-flammable solvent with exceptional drying characteristics is required.

Samsol is a stoddard hydrocarbon solvent formulated to effectively remove a wide range of soils such as grease, mineral oil, lubricants, coolants, synthetics, and particulate matter. Samsol is safe for use with ferrous and non-ferrous alloys such as aluminium, copper and copper alloys, magnesium, nickel, steel, stainless steel, titanium and zinc. It is also compatible with many polymeric substrates and elastomers.

Samsol is a direct replacement for Acetone, IPA, MEK, Toluene and other low-flash point, flammable materials. It may also be an effective alternative to halogenated solvents and caustic cleaners. Samsol is a high-purity solvent, designed to leave substrates with very low surface residue and low non-volatile residue (NVR).

Features and Benefits:

The solvent known by the military specification PD-680 has now been replaced by a new specification, PRF-680. Whichever term you use — PRF-680 or PD-680 solvent — be certain that Enviro Tech will be able to supply it. Features and benefits of this solvent include:

- MIL-PRF-680C Type I Solvent (Samsol T1)

- MIL-PRF-680C Type II Solvent (Samsol T2)

- PD-680 / PD 680 Replacement

- Exceptional Dry Time

- Low Toxicity

- Low Surface Residue/NVR

- Low Odor

- Corrosion Inhibition

- Non-Corrosive

- Non-Flammable

- High Solvency

Click here to view a comprehensive list of the Process Specification Approvals and Specification Conformity Tests (Samsol T1 and Samsol T2 Approvals are at the bottom of the page)

Soils Removed:

Mineral Oils, Synthetic Oils, Rust Inhibitors, Lubricating Oils, Particulate Matter, Water-Soluble Oils, Coolants, Grease, Fingerprint Oil, Dust and more


  1. For hand-wiping applications, apply Samsol undiluted to the desired substrate by brush, pad or cloth.
  2. For immersion applications, add Samsol at full concentration to the wash tank reservoir.
  3. For airless vacuum equipment, add Samsol at full concentration to the wash chamber.


Vantage Axarel , Ecolink NEW II , and other PD 680 , PD-680 , PRF-680 and PRF 680 approved stoddard solvents

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