Spent Solvent Recycling Program

Spent Solvent Recycling Program

***Enviro Tech International does not accept solvent waste - Please do not ship spent solvent back to Enviro Tech International. All shipments of used solvent sent to Enviro Tech will be rejected.***

For waste inquiries:

WRR Environmental Services offers a comprehensive spent n-propyl bromide waste-recycling program for EnSolv and TechKleen branded solvents. Founded 1970, WRR Environmental specializes in the handling and disposal of chemical waste.

Q. What is the cost to take advantage of this program?

A. Typically, the only associated cost is that of shipping your spent solvent to Eau Claire, WI by common carrier.

Q. How do I qualify my spent n-propyl bromide for participation in the program?

A. Request a waste profile sheet or additional information about the program by emailing customerservice@wrres.com or dial 7I5-834-9624 to speak with a WRR representative. Then, simply sample at least four ounces of your waste, package it with the completed waste profile sheet, and send it to the WRR recycling facility for analysis. After completing the analysis, WRR will issue a letter indicating whether or not your waste qualifies for the cleaning chemical recycling program. If it qualifies, there are no additional charges to process your waste. At this point, you can either have WRR Environmental Services prepare shipping labels for your waste or you can prepare them yourself - These labels will need to be included with the nPB that is being sent to WRR.