Spent Solvent Recycling Program

Spent Solvent Recycling Program

Enviro Tech offers a comprehensive spent n-propyl bromide waste-recycling program for our customers. This is accomplished through our partnership with an environmental services company founded in 1970, specializing in the handling and disposal of chemical waste.


Q. What is the cost to take advantage of this program?

A. Typically, the only associated cost is that of shipping your spent solvent to Eau Claire, WI by common carrier. Enviro Tech works with you to ensure that your cost is minimal. If you generate sufficient waste of recyclable quality, we may even bear all the transportation costs of shipping your waste to our recycling partner.

Q. How do I qualify my spent n-propyl bromide for participation in the program?

A. From our contact form, request a waste profile sheet and a representative will email that to you. Then, simply sample at least four ounces of your waste, package it with the completed waste profile sheet, and send it to the recycling facility for analysis. After completing the analysis, our recycling partner will issue a letter indicating whether or not your waste qualifies for the cleaning chemical recycling program.

If it qualifies, there are no additional charges to process your waste. At this point, you can either have our recycling partner prepare shipping labels for your waste or you can prepare them yourself. Then, contact Enviro Tech to coordinate the shipment of your waste to the recycler in Eau Claire, WI for processing.

Q. How do I get started?

A. If you have any questions, require assistance or are ready to participate in the waste program, please call our main office at 708-343-6641, your Enviro Tech sales representative or your chemicals distributor. Or, simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.